The leap of faith

Somehow I knew everything was ending. It was finally coming to a stop. This tiresome journey had finally reached it’s destination.I had wondered all my life what people must think right at this time.

I wondered about all my achievements and the way I had live my life. In a flash, my mind went blank and all the philosophy disappeared. I had more to do, meet more people, learn new cultures, explore the world more but it was unfair that everything was coming to such an abrupt end.

It wasn’t right

It wasn’t fair.

And I surely didn’t like it. But I guess we all come to a point in life where we learn to accept things first, then judge them later. I had accepted my fate. I had tried my best to leap and jump over all problems life had thrown on me but I guess it was finally the time for the last jump.

” Jesus! Alisha, snap out of it will you. I know what your nerdy mind is thinking! You are not dying. You are merely bungee jumping. You will be alive when you hit the ground.” I heard my best friend rambling on my left.

I think it’s safe to say my acrophobia was up and thoroughly thriving.

“I will not survive this. I am gonna die. Let me at least collect all my thoughts I have no idea why I insisted on ’Zindagi na milege dobara’ in real life.” “Fine. Have it your way.”

Suddenly I felt a push on my back and I was out the helicopter. All the next things remain blurry to me. I was aware of my screaming, the wind noise, the rigorous slapping of the wind on my face which just to let you know, hurt a lot.

Next thing I knew my feet hit the ground and I finally felt that feeling of stability. Guess life gave me another chance to jump over those obstacles she had planned.