The Confessions of a suicidal mind

As I stood on the raised platform, I forced myself to contemplate one last time what had really gone wrong before I take the last step.
Constant criticism, hate, failures are faced by everyone on this planet but what happens when you succumb? 
You lose hope. Hope to love, hope to enjoy and most importantly hope to live.
I had unfortunately walked that path in a small time.
I used to have many dreams as a kid. Success, material possessions, an independent life but who knew I wouldn’t even be able to endure this starting walk of life. Being the star student of my class I was always in the spotlight. But all went downhill from the mid year of grade 11 when things started slipping away from my hand.
I had no idea what to do then. Maybe if I had given myself one more chance I won’t be here.
But all this had to end here. Right here, right now. It hurt too much to keep going.
Just one more step….
” Ria.” I heard loud banging noises on the locked door behind me.
A loud thump was heard as the door flew open. 
Gravity had indeed done it’s job.