India can never be a scientific power.

The world is growing and developing rapidly today. Where does India stand today? What does our future look like on a global standard?

“Unity in diversity” 

India is a nation which seems to aptly follow this statement. A nation with a population of 1.3 billion and 29 states, India first tasted freedom 71 years ago after being governed by the Britishers for over 200 years. 

In 71 years India has developed a lot in terms of a nation. The nation was successful in eradicating the deadly polio virus and many epidemics raising the life expectancy rate. India is also one of the top 4 military powers of the world. The total number of languages recognized in India is 1652.

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A very important field of development is science. The major superpowers of the world such as the USA and Russia have progressed a great deal. Various satellites, expeditions to the moon, groundbreaking scientific discoveries all seem easily achievable in today’s world. The alarming question that comes up is 
“Will India ever be a great scientific power.”

Harboring great minds and wonderful creative ability. There is no doubt that India definitely has the capability to emerge as a superpower. 
The Mars orbital mission was a wonderful example of the same. A team of 14 Indian scientists with no foreign grant or help made the first ever successful attempt to touch Mars on a cheap budget. 

I firmly believe that India can and will be a great scientific power in the coming years. After being on the road of development for quite a while now, India still has some major problems to deal with. The starvation of poor people, empowerment of women and farmers, the list goes on. 

India as a nation should first work for the betterment of its people. The day that task is completed India will surely rise as the next great scientific power.

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