16 December 2014

16 December was the day humanity saw one of it’s worst days. 6 terrorists entered the Army Public School in Peshawar killing 141 innocent people which consisted of 132 children.

In the faint light you could hear the distant peals of a telephone ringing and heavy footsteps moving from one place to another.

Riya tried to wiggle her arms and legs but failed.

She slowly turned on her back and looked at the big red stain on her uniform. She had been bleeding profusely..

Riya immediately understood that these were her last moments, her last breaths. Fighting to keep her eyelids open, she peeked on her right side and saw her best friend, Anay.

” Probably unconscious.”

But this thought only consoled her for a second or two.

The telephone ringing stopped abruptly and she heard a faint voice near her .

“Yes, I am here. Really bad condition. A terrorist attack probably.”

Those were the last words she heard. She lost the battle to keep her eyelids open. They fluttered close and surrendered to the inhumane works which the people did. The terrorist had once again ended the lives of mere children.

Her dying soul made one last wish to God before succumbing.

“Let people remember what happened. May the sacrifices of these innocents not be gone to waste and let the world remember this day when humankind joins hands to bring terrorism to its knees. May this day be the day of rebellion.”

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