Playing my KARD right!

Excitement, Adrenaline and Caffeine were my three companions on 12th July! Check out my roller coaster of a day now!

12th July was one of the most hectic days I had ever gone through. Staying awake for more than 27 hours, fueled with caffeine and excitement, the day still seems like a blur to me.
Music has always been my escape and my home. Learning about Kpop opened many new doors for me and helped me a lot. A month back, I was swept off my feet with the incredible news of one of my favorite group, KARD, touring India.
To say I was happy would be an understatement. Jumping around the house with my sister was my current condition. The month went passed like a blur, mostly filled with me convincing my parents and coming up with different scenarios.
Along with my sister and mother, I boarded the 6:00 am train from Jaipur to Delhi. Being overhyped and excited, I hadn’t slept a wink that night. We arrived at 10:30 and decided to hang out at the famous spot “Connaught Place”. Filled with caffeine and amazing burgers, we mostly spent our time checking out restaurants.
Making our way to the venue of the concert at exactly 2:30, we were greeted by a huge crowd. The lines were unexpectedly long and the excitement was buzzing. After freshening up and waiting for a while, we finally arrived at the indoor stadium.

The atmosphere there was so much better than I had imagined. The fans had wholeheartedly embraced them with edgy outfits and banners in Korean. We took our seats and waited for some time. At about 5:10, there was a huge cheer as the host arrived and announced the group. Starting off with their hit “Don’t recall”, the group did not disappoint us at all for the next two hours.
It was evident that the group were trying their best on stage and they certainly succeeded.

The evening was mesmerizing, with BM’s freestyle dance on the popular Bollywood song “Bom Diggy”, J.seph being a cutie, the unreleased song performed for the first time by KARD and the showstopping Mi Gente group dance. The group put up a wonderful show for us and I couldn’t be more satisfied.
The one thing I am absolutely sure of is that my mother is now a proud hidden kard!

The management of the show was splendid and the stage was very nicely lit up with lights. Unfortunately, I missed the last song as we had to board the 7:55 train from Delhi.
I was mildly disappointed that we had to leave without jamming to “Bomb Bomb” but it was surely a day well spent.
If you want a glimpse of the concert check out “Hallyucinating“‘s facebook post right here!

Any exciting stories from the concert? Why do you love KARD? What happened after the last song? Let me know all about it below!
A big shoutout to the talented and awesome group “KARD”! If you haven’t checked them out yet, go ahead!

I can’t thank “Pink Box Events”, the organizers of the show enough for hosting such an amazing concert and calling “KARD” here! Follow them up and shower them with all your love!

“Kpophigh” took the initiative of taking the internet by a storm after KARD’s arrival in India. #KARD trended in India at number 6 as soon as the announcement was made. #NamasteKard also trended in India as soon as KARD arrived in Delhi. They are an amazing bunch who are working tirelessly for all us Indian kpoppers! Be sure to check them out.

India can never be a scientific power.

The world is growing and developing rapidly today. Where does India stand today? What does our future look like on a global standard?

“Unity in diversity” 

India is a nation which seems to aptly follow this statement. A nation with a population of 1.3 billion and 29 states, India first tasted freedom 71 years ago after being governed by the Britishers for over 200 years. 

In 71 years India has developed a lot in terms of a nation. The nation was successful in eradicating the deadly polio virus and many epidemics raising the life expectancy rate. India is also one of the top 4 military powers of the world. The total number of languages recognized in India is 1652.

Photo by Himanshu Singh Gurjar on Unsplash

A very important field of development is science. The major superpowers of the world such as the USA and Russia have progressed a great deal. Various satellites, expeditions to the moon, groundbreaking scientific discoveries all seem easily achievable in today’s world. The alarming question that comes up is 
“Will India ever be a great scientific power.”

Harboring great minds and wonderful creative ability. There is no doubt that India definitely has the capability to emerge as a superpower. 
The Mars orbital mission was a wonderful example of the same. A team of 14 Indian scientists with no foreign grant or help made the first ever successful attempt to touch Mars on a cheap budget. 

I firmly believe that India can and will be a great scientific power in the coming years. After being on the road of development for quite a while now, India still has some major problems to deal with. The starvation of poor people, empowerment of women and farmers, the list goes on. 

India as a nation should first work for the betterment of its people. The day that task is completed India will surely rise as the next great scientific power.

The leap of faith

Somehow I knew everything was ending. It was finally coming to a stop. This tiresome journey had finally reached it’s destination.I had wondered all my life what people must think right at this time.

I wondered about all my achievements and the way I had live my life. In a flash, my mind went blank and all the philosophy disappeared. I had more to do, meet more people, learn new cultures, explore the world more but it was unfair that everything was coming to such an abrupt end.

It wasn’t right

It wasn’t fair.

And I surely didn’t like it. But I guess we all come to a point in life where we learn to accept things first, then judge them later. I had accepted my fate. I had tried my best to leap and jump over all problems life had thrown on me but I guess it was finally the time for the last jump.

” Jesus! Alisha, snap out of it will you. I know what your nerdy mind is thinking! You are not dying. You are merely bungee jumping. You will be alive when you hit the ground.” I heard my best friend rambling on my left.

I think it’s safe to say my acrophobia was up and thoroughly thriving.

“I will not survive this. I am gonna die. Let me at least collect all my thoughts I have no idea why I insisted on ’Zindagi na milege dobara’ in real life.” “Fine. Have it your way.”

Suddenly I felt a push on my back and I was out the helicopter. All the next things remain blurry to me. I was aware of my screaming, the wind noise, the rigorous slapping of the wind on my face which just to let you know, hurt a lot.

Next thing I knew my feet hit the ground and I finally felt that feeling of stability. Guess life gave me another chance to jump over those obstacles she had planned.

16 December 2014

16 December was the day humanity saw one of it’s worst days. 6 terrorists entered the Army Public School in Peshawar killing 141 innocent people which consisted of 132 children.

In the faint light you could hear the distant peals of a telephone ringing and heavy footsteps moving from one place to another.

Riya tried to wiggle her arms and legs but failed.

She slowly turned on her back and looked at the big red stain on her uniform. She had been bleeding profusely..

Riya immediately understood that these were her last moments, her last breaths. Fighting to keep her eyelids open, she peeked on her right side and saw her best friend, Anay.

” Probably unconscious.”

But this thought only consoled her for a second or two.

The telephone ringing stopped abruptly and she heard a faint voice near her .

“Yes, I am here. Really bad condition. A terrorist attack probably.”

Those were the last words she heard. She lost the battle to keep her eyelids open. They fluttered close and surrendered to the inhumane works which the people did. The terrorist had once again ended the lives of mere children.

Her dying soul made one last wish to God before succumbing.

“Let people remember what happened. May the sacrifices of these innocents not be gone to waste and let the world remember this day when humankind joins hands to bring terrorism to its knees. May this day be the day of rebellion.”

The Confessions of a suicidal mind

As I stood on the raised platform, I forced myself to contemplate one last time what had really gone wrong before I take the last step.
Constant criticism, hate, failures are faced by everyone on this planet but what happens when you succumb? 
You lose hope. Hope to love, hope to enjoy and most importantly hope to live.
I had unfortunately walked that path in a small time.
I used to have many dreams as a kid. Success, material possessions, an independent life but who knew I wouldn’t even be able to endure this starting walk of life. Being the star student of my class I was always in the spotlight. But all went downhill from the mid year of grade 11 when things started slipping away from my hand.
I had no idea what to do then. Maybe if I had given myself one more chance I won’t be here.
But all this had to end here. Right here, right now. It hurt too much to keep going.
Just one more step….
” Ria.” I heard loud banging noises on the locked door behind me.
A loud thump was heard as the door flew open. 
Gravity had indeed done it’s job.